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    drwfan99 Application - Approved!


    drwfan99 Application - Approved!

    Post by drwfan99 on Sat Oct 16, 2010 10:11 pm

    Gamertag: drwfan99

    IFCA Number (not required): 459

    Requested F2R Number: 459

    Position appling for: Driver

    Have you competed in any multiplayer series events before?: Yes

    If yes which ones, if no are you interested in doing so?: IFCA ALMS2

    Have you ever been a member of any other racing teams?: No

    Are you willing to add a team prefix to your Gamertag?: Not immediately, but perhaps in the future.

    Have you raced with one of us before? If so, who and where?: Zebrial, (IFCA ALMS2 R1 L5 and on 10/16/2010 Practicing for IFCA ALMS2 R5)

    Did anyone reccomend you?: Zebrial talked about it while practicing with him

    What is your favorite class to race in:? A

    Favorite type of car?: Mid Engine Rear-Wheel Drive

    What is the best time to find you online playing forza?: Late afternoon to late (Eastern Standard Time)

    How often to you play forza?: Daily

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    Re: drwfan99 Application - Approved!

    Post by Zebrial on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:28 am

    Application approved! Glad to see you choose to join up! Normaly an applicant moves into the rank of "prospect" until he has raced with us a few times, but beings as I have raced with you at least twice and ran a practice session with you will join up as a full-fledged "member". We're also a recognized group on IFCA's forum, so I'll add you to that group, so next time you join up there you'll notice your screenname is black instead of blue (our color on the forum). We've just made a new logo that looks a little more modern than our old one, it is going to be unveiled very soon (within a couple of days), when it is I will send it to you, for now I'll send you the old F2 Racing logo. Your profile will be up in the members section within a day or two. Thanks for joining up, we're glad to have you!


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