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    Rules and Regulations

    Post by Zebrial on Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:31 am

    The Inagural F2 Racing
    Two Man Team Series

    The series will consist of 5 races approximately 45 minuets in duration. STM, TCS, ABS, Suggested Line will be forced off, damage will be set to simulation, collisions will be set to always on, and grid ordering will be random. Races will commence from a standing start and feature one mandatory pit stop.

    Race times are 14:00 CST / 20:00 GMT(UK) / 03:00 West OZ (mon) everysunday starting Sunday November 7th, 2010.

    1st – 1,000,000 Cr
    2nd – 500,000 Cr
    3rd – 250,000 Cr
    Teammate of 1st place driver – 250,000 Cr

    Racers will be grouped into teams of two drivers. This will be your teammate for the duration of the season. There will be one “spec” qualifying event and five “category” races in the season. The spec qualifying will require that all drivers drive the exact same car, equipped with the exact same upgrades and tuning setup. The “category” races will feature a bank of four similar cars to choose from. These cars will be tuned to certain specifications that will make them perform as closely to one another as possible. Teammates will drive the same one of the four cars meaning there will be two of each of the four cars on the track in each room, with no two teams driving the same car in the same room.

    Qualifying - Laguna Seca - Car: 2008 Viper SRT10 ACR
    Nov. 7th, 2010 – Mugello Full / 20 Laps – Category: Four Wheel Drive
    Nov. 14th, 2010 – Sunset Full / 25 Laps – Category: 2 Door Luxury Car
    Nov. 21th, 2010 – Fujimi Kaido Full / 4 laps – Category: 60’s Muscle Car
    Nov. 28th, 2010 – TRACK – Category: TBD
    Dec. 5th, 2010 – TRACK – Category: TBD

    The series will begin with a spec qualifying event to determine initial lobby placement and the picking order for the first race. After each race, the fastest team will move up to the next lobby and the slowest team will move down one lobby. This will be determined by combining the score for each teammate. If there is a tie for score the team with the better combined total race times will be considered the faster team.

    You may qualify at ANY TIME after you sign up. Qualifying will end at 00:00 on October 31st, 2010. To qualify contact any F2 Racing member that is online. You may only qualify once, and this must be done in the presence of an F2 Racing member to verify it was done in compliance with the rules. F2 Racing members must qualify with at least one other member present, and the replay should be saved and kept in case somone disputes the legitamacy of your qualifying time. (yeah right, we're all slow :p) You will have 10 laps to qualify, only certified laps count. The track is Camino Viejo. The car to be used is a STOCK 2008 Viper SRT10 ACR tuning is NOT ALLOWED.

    You can join the series with a teammate or join alone and be assigned a teammate should someone else join up solo. This is dangerous though as the series must be ran with an even number of drivers, so if you are the odd man out with no teammate you will not be able to participate in the series so we highly recommend having a teammate in mind when you join the series. You will allways be in the same lobby as your teammate. It is prefered that F2 Racing members team up with non-members in order to prevent the perception of an unfair advantage, however this may not be possible depending on sign-ups.

    The last place team in each lobby will be given the first choice of car while the fastest team being given the last pick. Although the cars will all be nearly the same, this is done to balance the field. The teams will select their desired cars after the finish of the preceding weeks race, immediately following the race.

    Cars will be upgraded in very specific fashion, requiring the equipping of certain upgrades and baring others. This will change each race to accommodate the different cars.

    Each car on the track must display the drivers number on both sides and on the rear of the car when possible. This number must be either your official IFCA number or your official F2 Racing number.

    Lobby points will be scored in the offical forza fashion meaning first place gets 10 pts, second received 7 and so on. There are no points for this series, the finishing order for the last race is the final series standings! Meaning you have no chance of winning if you are not in lobby 1 at the start of the final race.

    If one member of a team misses a race, he will be considered as having no points, it is then up to the present teammates score to detertime if that team is to move down a lobby or not. Bear in mind it is possible for a team to have a driver absent and retain thier current lobby. If both drivers of any given team are absent from a race that team will be droped into LAST PLACE and will lose thier option to select thier car for the following race, they will receive the leftover car for that given lobby.

    We expect all racers to be familiar with the IFCA rules of the road and drive accordingly. Racers are expected to race like gentlemen. Intentional contact will not be permitted! Pits will be open during the races to be used at the driver’s discretion. During races with a mandatory pit stop, the car must enter the pit and come to a complete stop and be serviced before exiting the pit. Upon exiting the pit drivers are expected to give right-of-way to vehicles at speed. When two cars are next to one another drivers are expected to respect each others “line”. Good racing etiquette will be required to keep races clean as crashes will be costly with full damage but we all know mistakes happen. When you make a mistake and go off of the track, use caution when getting back on the track; please don’t cut off faster cars. Intentionally blocking a faster driver from passing you is frowned upon and depending on the situation could be a punishable violation. If you have any questions regarding your expectations just ask an F2 Racing member. Drivers who break the rules will be subject to any of the following disciplinary actions:

    Point penalties
    Stop-and-go penalties
    Temporary or permanent ejection from F2 Racing events

    Any disputes between drivers that cannot be handled between each other should be brought to F2 Racing’s attention. F2 Racing can change the rules at any time, and they have final say in any disputes. Most issues should be handled by all the racers in the community. We value what everyone thinks is fun, and will listen to concerns or comments regarding rules, or gameplay. We want everyone to have fun in a laid-back adult atmosphere.
    If you think that contact between two cars was intentional, or was caused by reckless behavior (I.e. cutting across the entire track after coming out of the pit), record the lap number and approximate race time so the replay can be reviewed.
    Races begin at 14:00 CST / 20:00 GMT(UK) / 03:00 West OZ (mon) sharp and all drivers are expected to be in the party or game lobby at 13:50 CST / 19:50 GMT. The reason for this is in prior seasons we’ve ran into problems with delaying races to try and wait for racers to be present, this sometimes puts others beyond their expected time of play and can strain their schedules to no fault of their own. You will be allowed to substitute another racer in the event you or your teammate will be absent from play though you will be responsible for this racer’s behavior so choose your substitute wisely. You are only allowed a sub for maximum of two out of the five races. If you miss a race and have no sub, you take last place in your room.

    Is laid-back and wanting to have fun. We would like you to be fairly skillful but we are nowhere near the best drivers so don't feel intimidated. We will hold a try-out for any interested drivers who are not currently involved in IFCA or other racing leagues to gauge your skill level as we would like a clean racing environment. In closing the idea here is for everyone to have a good time, and we hope to see you on the track with us soon. Space is limited to the first 40 drivers so reserve your place as soon as you can.


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