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    NoToRiuS SiaP Application - Accepted


    NoToRiuS SiaP Application - Accepted

    Post by sounders5411 on Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:43 am


    IFCA Number (not required):723

    Requested F2R Number:723

    Position appling for: driver/tuner/designer :driver

    Have you competed in any multiplayer series events before?:yes

    If yes which ones, if no are you interested in doing so?:ifca

    Have you ever been a member of any other racing teams?:yes

    Are you willing to add a team prefix to your Gamertag?:maybe

    Have you raced with one of us before? If so, who and where?:yes zebrial

    Did anyone reccomend you?:zebrail

    What is your favorite class to race in:?b/r3

    Favorite type of car?: Four Wheel Drive / Rear Wheel Drive / Front Wheel Drive / Mid Engine Rear-Wheel Drive 4wheel

    What is the best time to find you online playing forza?:anytime

    How often to you play forza?:
    almost anyday unless im with a girl

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