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    F2 Racing Hierarchy


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    F2 Racing Hierarchy

    Post by Zebrial on Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:13 am

    Here is a rough list of the F2R ranking structure and requirements to obtain each rank or title:



    Prospect: One who shows interest in joining F2 Racing but has not yet proven himself to be a productive member of the team. This person is not yet a full fledged member, and is considered to be on a probation period. Achieved by filling out an application for F2 Racing membership.

    Member: An official member of F2 Racing. This person has demonstrated his loyalty and commitment to the team. He or she is a productive contributor to the team effort, either by competing in events or by providing designs or tunes for those who are competing. Achieved by competing in an F2 Racing, IFCA or other approved event, or by contributing a team design or tune for F2 Members to use in an approved event. This is done AFTER filling out an application.

    Crew Chief: A member who through continued dedication and activity has advanced the teams in some way. This member has participated in several approved events bearing official F2 Racing logos or designs and/or the F2R prefix before his or her gamertag - OR - this designer or tuner has provided to competing F2 Racing drivers on more than one occasion and/or bears the F2R prefix before his or her gamertag.

    Team Organizer: A Member who is of such high standards as to be entrusted with making critical decisions and allocating drivers, tuners and designers to specific tasks. He/she is aware of other members strengths/weaknesses and can allocate them to maximize their potential. This member is the peak of F2 Racing membership and can only go further by obtaining management status. Achieved by displaying excellence as a crew chief, whose dedication and loyalty to F2 Racing is unquestionable.


    Team Manager: This manager is charged with hosting events and answering any questions from members. His/her primary function is to keep the team rolling. Their ultimate goal is to ensure the member ranks are operating at maximum capacity. They keep the Organizers and Crew Chiefs in line and working for a common goal. This is the front line of F2R Management.

    Team Administrator: Oversees team function and performance. Incessantly seeks to strengthen and embody the team with the means to grow. Identifies and promotes worthy members, discards ineffective or detrimental members. Works to actively promote the team.

    Team Founder: The two team founders are the final say-so of the team. They decide the general direction of the team, and can form or break alliances as they see fit. They are the final word in all team incidents and can operate outside of team rules and regulations as they see fit to better the team.


    Driver: Drives occasionally with the team.
    Competition Driver: Competes in either official F2R events or approved outside events.
    Designer: Creates designs for the teams use in general use.
    Competition Designer: Creates designs used by team competitive drivers during either official F2R or approved events:
    Tuner: Provides tune for members general uses
    Competition Tuner: A tuner who provides tunes that make competitive drivers faster for their approved races.
    Webmaster: Oversees website and Forum operation

    Note: New roles may be added if waranted


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